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"Chelsea makes wellness easy. She has helped me make small changes that make a difference in how I feel. She builds on her program-I am able to integrate in steps not feel confused and overwhelmed to change everything at once."

"Living a well-balanced life is something I have always wanted for myself but never knew where to start.  COACHING WITH Chelsea made it so approachable and easy to understand the steps I needed to take. Her support, knowledge and true passion to help her clients is what makes working with her so worthwhile!"

"Chelsea's coaching HAS BEEN such a positive experience and motivates ME to start MY day with a positive outlook. Chelsea is supportive yet motivates ME work hard!"

"Chelsea's energy comes through the screen! she is with you and working towards bettering those around her with her expertise in fitness"

"Virtually other classes don’t feel personalized or like your really doing it with anyone it just feels like it’s on the screen. Chelsea’s class, even if they are

pre-recorded, feel interactive, upbeat and basically in person."

"Chelsea's class puts me in a great mood! One of my favorite results is that I continue to stay toned and fit!"

"Chelsea’s virtual classes make you feel as if you’re getting a private lesson - she’s demonstrating while adjusting form it's as though she’s in two places at once. Her blend of new and old music also keeps me excited for the next song."

"Chelsea’s class is the perfect mixture of strength, fun and empowerment. She makes you forget that you’re working out and truly hits every part of your body. Her classes are always changing and elevating my fitness level past anything I could have imagined."

"The absolute best workout of my life. I’d never loved barre or yoga or regular cardio and it’s the ultimate blend of sweat and strength. It truly felt like my body was changing for the better after the first work out. It’s addictive and she’s just the BEST coach at motivating. To sum it up it’s my favorite workout class I’ve ever done."