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Wellness By Chelsea

Through nutrition and movement, my mission is to help you implement lifestyle changes to support your health and find a wellness routine that is maintainable and realistic for your life. 


My process allows you to feel empowered and in control. I equip you with a plan and the tools to make healthier choices. I empower you to find the space to show up for yourself and become the CEO of your health.


While I emphasize the importance of consistency and patience, I am a firm believer in balance. I can show you that you do not need to sacrifice your social life or things that bring you joy, in order to see results and make impactful changes.


Chelsea Palladino

I feel lucky to work with amazing clients doing what I love. I live the life I teach, I know what works and how to keep my clients motivated. Sharing the education I received through my training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach allows me to help you better understand the needs of your body and find what works best for your individual needs.


My fitness classes are unique, effective, fun and efficient. You know you have done a great work out and enjoyed every moment of it. My virtual classes create a community you want to come back to over and over. You have the option to show up on the video (so I can offer corrections) or participate without video.


If private or small group training is your style- I adapt my fitness options for you. I incorporate many fitness styles into my classes including:


  • Barre

  • Boxing

  • Spinning

  • Pre/Post natal

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"She always stops and makes sure everyone is doing it right, as if she is really there with you. here corrections make sure you are getting the most out of the classes."

"Chelsea's energy, atmosphere, interaction with attendees and how she makes constructive comments to the attendees as if we were there in person. Unlike some other classes that have terrible lighting, no personality and music/instructor that you can't hear."

"I am definitely more toned since starting Chelsea's virtual classes. I have always been someone that works out frequently, but usually stick to cardio and/or one intense HIIT class a week. This class pushes me in different ways and my arms and legs are more toned than they've ever been. I've also lost a significant amount of weight (while also adjusting my diet) since starting these classes."