"The absolute best workout of my life. I’d never loved barre or yoga or regular cardio and it’s the ultimate blend of sweat and strength. It truly felt like my body was changing for the better after the first work out. It’s addictive and she’s just the BEST coach at motivating. To sum it up it’s my favorite workout class I’ve ever done."

"Chelsea's energy comes through the screen! She is with you and working towards bettering those around her with her expertise in fitness. The class is effective, constantly evolving and always fun. I used to be someone who loved going to a studio and having that community aspect! Chelsea's class gives you that "in person" feeling by brings a new meaning to virtual classes!" 

"What makes your class different is that you  personally know us and check in with us to make sure we are doing the move with proper form. I always love the arms and legs portion of your classes! No matter the routine, those two body parts always feel the burn!"

"I am so surprised at how much I enjoy the virtual workouts. I was so scared that my body would fall apart once all my studios closed but it’s the opposite. I still feel really fit and love that I can stay home and get these workouts! I always tell people the classes are fun, challenging and a great work out."

"I love the music in Chelsea's classes! A good song helps me get through the tough sections. I also love the format. I know I'm going to burn out every body part! I also love that you do the whole class with us so I can keep checking you to make sure I'm doing it right. I took another zoom class where the instructor laid out 4 moves, and then I forgot the last one and was so confused what to do!!"

"Chelsea’s class is the perfect mixture of strength, fun and empowerment. She makes you forget that you’re working out and truly hits ever part of your body. Her classes are always changing and elevating my fitness level past anything I could have imagined."

"What I love about Chelsea class is that it is a really fun and energetic workout, but will kick you butt ;-) What makes it stand out from other virtual workouts is that it is more energetic with better music."

"Chelsea's sessions are the best because anyone can do it and you will see results! What I also love is that Chelsea always stops and makes sure everyone is doing it right. I think that is very important what it comes to virtual exercise."